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 RULES FOR ART FORUM: Please read before posting

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PostSubject: RULES FOR ART FORUM: Please read before posting   Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:38 pm


1. Only post work that is your own.

2. You may start your own showcase thread in this forum where you can show off your drawings and look for feedback. You may not double post unless your last post in that thread is 1 week old, otherwise you must edit your previous post.

3. No chatting. That means that you shouldn't be replying to your own thread to say "thanks for the comments" without posting another piece of work.

4. If you post in someone's thread, you must give at least one piece of advice, criticism or praise. "that looks cool" is not good enough. If you like their work you must say what you like about it.

Animedia Administrator. If you have any questions, contact me or any other member of staff.
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RULES FOR ART FORUM: Please read before posting
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